Feed and Care

Specializing in senior horses, we fully understand the importance of the optimum diet and closely monitor each resident to ensure their ideal condition in maintained. We are happy to make recommendations or customize a feeding program for you, but the choice is ultimately yours.

We offer a wide variety of high quality senior feeds and three feed stores are located within a two mile radius of the Horse Retirement Home. Triple Crown Senior is often the most preferred feed. Your choice of orchard grass, orchard/alfalfa mix or straight alfalfa are available per your instruction.

Excellent veterinary care is available within five minutes of the retirement farm facility.

Every Thursday each horse is groomed and pampered. They are brushed and their hooves are picked. They are bathed as the weather permits. Horses are wormed every two months.  The farrier, equine dentistry and vaccinations are included in the $650 monthly board rate.


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